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Industrial Mesh Supplies offers a versatile range of products and services that can be used in many industries and construction related operations. We offer woven wire mesh, rim packs, tensioned screens, perforated plates, welded mesh and expanded metal.

Rimpacks can be manufactured with Stainless Steel, Mild Steel as well as Aluminium properties. Predominant utilisations of rimpacks offer strength and durability to the corresponding components of discs. Industrial Mesh Supplies ensures the highest calibre of efficiency to suit specific application requirements.

The customisable discs can be used in designs such as metal pleated and flat versions in order to meet application requirements. The additional utilisations and filtrations include liquid and gas flow systems, mainly in distillation, absorption, evaporation and filtration.

A multitude of industries use rim packs in their core operational processes. These include operations in the plastic industry, rubber processing, chemical processing, medicinal processing, machinery and ship-building contexts as well as the screening of grain, oil and petroleum.

The optimal benefits of investing in Rimpacks from Industrial Mesh Supplies is the excellent filtration capacity, precise fitting filter elements and increased cost performance rations for quality control during production.

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