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At Industrial Mesh supplies, we supply Perforated Plate. It is a brilliant source of achieving sustainable design objectives.

Perforated Plate is very versatile. It can be used for lightweight decorative elements and load-bearing structural components. Perforated plate offers unique opportunities to combine strength, as well as functionality and beauty.

  • Perforated Plates are mostly manufactured in carbon steel, but can also be manufactured in aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Aperture sizes ranging from 3 mm up to any aperture depending on the request of the customer.
  • We can do any perforation required in sheets up to 8 mm thick.
  • Typical Plate Sizes are as per clients request.

Various perforations are punched from a selection of materials and varying in thickness from 0.5mm to 6mm.
Other perforations include decorative patterns for architectural purposes.


Specifications Required To Order:

*Aperture size & shape
*Type of material
*Special margins
*Length & width of plate

Hole SizeThicknessPitchSheet size
0,5mm0,5mm1,5mm2440mm x 1220mm
0,8mm0,8mm1,6mm2440mm x 1220mm
1,6mm0,9mm3,2mm2440mm x 1220mm
3,2mm0,9mm3,2mm2440mm x 1220mm
3,2mm1,2mm5,25mm2440mm x 1220mm
3mm1,5mm5mm2440mm x 1220mm
5mm1,5mm11,1mm2500mm x 1250mm
6,35mm1,5mm11,1mm2500mm x 1250mm;
10mm2mm16mm2440mm x 1220mm
1mm0,8mm2mm2440mm x 1220mm
1mm1mm2mm2440mm x 1220mm

Hole SizeThicknessPitchSheet size
1,25mm1mm2,3mm2450mm x 1250mm
2,5mm0,8mm4mm2450mm x 1250mm
2,5mm1mm4mm2450mm x 1250mm
3,2mm1mm5,25mm2450mm x 1250mm
7,2mm1mm18mm2450mm x 1225mm
5,15x20mm1mm10,15x25mm2450mm x 1225mm
1,6mm1,2mm3,2mm2450mm x 1250mm
3,2mm1,2mm5,25mm2450mm x 1250mm
5mm1,2mm8mm2450mm x 1250mm
6,35mm1,2mm11,1mm2450mm x 1250mm
2mm1,6mm3,2mm2450mm x 1225mm
3mm1,5mm5,25mm2450mm x 1250mm
3,2mm1,5mm5,25mm2450mm x 1250mm
5mm1,5mm8mm2450mm x 1250mm
6,35mm1,5mm11,1mmx2450mm x 1250mm
10mm1,5mmx16mm2450mm x 1250mm
2,5mm2mm4mm2450mm x 1250mm
4mm2mm8mm2450mm x 1250mm
5mm2mm8mm2450mm x 1250mm
6,35mm2mm11,1mm2450mm x 1250mm
12,7mm2mm19,05mm2450mm x 1250mm

Hole SizeThicknessPitchSheet size
3,2mm3mm5,25mm2450mm x 1225mm
4mm3mm8mm2450mm x 1225mm
5mm3mm8mm2450mm x 1225mm
3,2mm0,9mm3,2mm2440mm x 1220mm
6,35mm3mm11,1mm2450mm x 1225mm
8mm3mm12mm2450mm x 1225mm
5mm1,5mm11,1mm2500mm x 1250mm
6,35mm3mm11,1mm2450mm x 1225mm
8mm3mm12mm2450mm x 1225mm
10mm3mm16mm2450mm x 1250mm
10mm3mm16mm2450mm x 1250mm
16mm3mm23,8mm2450mm x 1225mm
25,4mm3mm38,1mm2450mm x 1225mm
8mm4,5mm14,29mm2500mm x 1200mm
6mm6mm10mm2mm x 1mm
6mm6mm 2450mm x 1225mm

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