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Industrial Mesh Supplies strives to be a reliable and innovative manufacturer and service provider in the industrial mesh industry. Our specialty lies in woven wire screening and rolls that can be customised according to specific widths, lengths and flat panels.

Tensioned screens are used in residential and industrial applications which can be utilised in specifications required to order such as mesh or micron size, bonded or bolted, frame size and includes the centre or without the standard frame diameters. Industrial Mesh Supplies can also be re-meshed according to the requirements.

The advantages of investing in tensioned screens are the efficiency of operations and is carefully assembled and fully tested before packaging. There are various applications and contexts where tensioned screens can be incorporated. The tensioned screens can be used in conjunction with machines and equipment with tension bars. The curve should also be adjusted while the tension bar is straightened to provide the correct tension to the mesh.

Operational requirements can be tensioned on each parallel side and the replacement of the nose rubber with the third mesh change can also be aligned with the frame screen and vinyl materials that are held under constant tension.

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