How to choose between Plain Woven Mesh Wire & Twill Woven Mesh Wire

The most popular and simplest of all weaves, the stainless plain weave is formed of weft wire warped alternatively above and below creating a wire mesh. The plain is the simplest and the most economical, uses of which include filtration, sifting and for safety equipment. With apertures from 30mm to 0.043mm, the diameter is almost the same for both the warp and the weave. What about the Twill weave?

For heavier requirement, the twill weave is highly recommended. The shute wire is passed above and under two warp wires ensuring that the weave is sturdier as this produces a stronger and more durable wire mesh. The warp and weft have the same diameters thus creating a close diagonal pattern. This type of pattern is commonly utilized for filtration.

Uses of Plain and Twill wire mesh

  • Sizing
  • Separation and filtration
  • In safety and equipment protection


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive construction
  • Oil and gas

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