Why you should use Industrial Mesh Supplies

Industrial Mesh Supplies is a reliable supplier of industrial and construction related products. We can enhance a significant amount of efficiency and productivity throughout the construction process and other industrial or residential contexts.

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services such as woven wire mesh, rim packs, tensioned screens, perforated plates, welded mesh as well as expanded metal. Industrial Mesh Supplies is passionate about ensuring the highest calibre of services to our clients.

The woven wire mesh and corresponding products can be rolled into various widths, lengths and flat plans to cut to the adjusted lengths and sizes. A distinguishing factor that places Industrial Mesh Supplies at the forefront of the industry is the affordability and durability of the products. We can also manufacture the product requirements according to the manufacturing specifications of the clients operations.

An extensive range of applications can also be made according to the specifications such as metallic materials which is also flexible enough to be woven into shapes and sizes. An interesting aspect to consider is the ability of the meshes to be punched in various diameters or shapes that is spot-welded together to create screen packs.

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Welded Mesh and its uses

Welded mesh fabric reinforcement is manufactured utilizing cold-rolled deformed wire, electrically resistance welded at the intersections of the longitudinal and transverse wires at the required mesh spacing with minimal loss of strength and cross-sectional area. 


Why is the correct tensioning of end tensioned screen mesh so important?

Ensuring your machine has the correct end tension will ensure long mesh and machine life. Incorrect tension will cause premature mesh failure and possible screen cracks. End tensioned meshes is mostly found on the screen box bottom decks. With end tension mesh, tension bars are utilized.


How to choose between Plain Woven Mesh Wire & Twill Woven Mesh Wire

The most popular and simplest of all weaves, the stainless plain weave is formed of weft wire warped alternatively above and below creating a wire mesh. The plain is the simplest and the most economical, uses of which include filtration, sifting and for safety equipment. With apertures from 30mm to 0.043mm, the diameter is almost the same for both the warp and the weave. What about the Twill weave?


Get Rimpacks in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium

At Industrial Mesh Supplies, you can get a wide range of rimpacks to choose from, along with various other products. Based in Johannesburg, we have become a renowned supplier of screening products, as well as wire mesh and a number of other products.



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